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Sleep HAPi is a Sleep/Wake Research Centre research study, examining if a sleep education program in pregnancy has an effect on depressive symptoms in women who have a prior history of depression. The study was initiated in response to some significant findings in maternal sleep and mental health research:  

  • 97% of women experience sleep disruption in pregnancy;
  • Sleep and depression are firmly associated;
  • Poor sleep quality in early pregnancy predict higher levels of depressive symptoms throughout gestation;
  • Women with a prior history of depression are twice as likely to suffer a relapse in pregnancy;
  • Women who have depression in pregnancy are twice as likely to suffer postnatal depression;
  • Poor sleep and depression in pregnancy are linked to negative birth outcomes;
  • Sleep and mental health concerns can be discounted or overlooked, because they are historically considered “normal” consequences of pregnancy;
  • Sleep is one of only a few modifiable risk factors for depression.

Women in Sleep HAPi will have the opportunity to learn about general sleep concepts, explore specific pregnancy sleep information, all while reflecting on their own personal sleep patterns and implementing specific sleep strategies relevant to the pregnancy stage. Through knowledge and advice, the study aims to improve sleep and mental health in both pregnancy and postpartum. A Sleep Scientist will lead this sleep intervention through one-on-one meetings in each trimester, with follow ups at 6 and 12 weeks postpartum.

Sleep HAPi will be recruiting women throughout 2017. Women need to be having their first baby, be less than 13 weeks pregnant and have a prior history of depression. For any enquiries, please see the PDF or contact the Sleep/Wake Research Centre team:

Sleep HAPi poster.pdf (483 KB)

This study is being funded through Massey University.

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