Sleep/Wake Research Centre

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The Sleep/Wake Research Centre is a Foundation Centre in Massey University’s School of Public Health, which joined the School in 2003.  The Centre had its origins at the Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences (Otago University) in 1998. 

Our Vision

Sleep is universally recognised as a vital component of health and well-being, which cannot be segregated from the waking two-thirds of life. Good sleep health is attainable for all people, according to their stage of life.

Our Mission Statement

The Sleep/Wake Research Centre conducts multi-disciplinary research using laboratory, field and population-based methodologies to advance scientific knowledge about sleep and waking function. The Centre translates this scientific knowledge into useful tools and strategies for improving health, safety, and well-being by working collaboratively with government agencies, industries, community groups and individuals.

We offer research-based academic courses, industry training, behavioural insomnia treatment services, and are committed to raising public awareness about the importance of good sleep and ways to improve sleep.

Our core values are: striving for excellence - to be world class in all that we undertake; being passionate and innovative in all aspects of our work; working with honesty and integrity; striving for social justice; cultural respect; respecting our research participants and partners, their knowledge, skills, experience and values , and developing and maintaining their trust.


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