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The Sleep/Wake Research Centre provides a number of educational opportunities in sleep and circadian science. The Centre hosts and provides supervision for dedicated students at the Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral level.  The Centre offers New Zealand’s only dedicated undergraduate course, as well as two postgraduate courses in both sleep and circadian science. The Centre also offers a range of courses with flexible delivery styles to cater for the needs of individual organisations, as well as providing lectures, seminars and workshops for a wide range of groups. These include psychology, sport science and medical technology students; organisational groups in healthcare and allied health, aviation and transport; and the general public.

To discuss your educational needs, please contact Karyn O'Keeffe, Associate Director (Academic) by email or telephone

+64 4 979 3260

Courses Offered

252.201: Sleep, circadian rhythms and shift work (15 credits)

The Sleep/Wake Research Centre offers New Zealand's only dedicated undergraduate course in sleep and circadian science. This single-semester course is web-based and offered in both block course (regular workshops) and distance-taught modes. It provides an introduction to sleep and circadian physiology emphasising their vital importance for understanding human health, disease process, recovery, and rehabilitation. It considers the challenges to sleep and circadian physiology posed by the 24/7 society, and applications to occupational health and safety, particularly shift work and fatigue management.

252.701: Sleep and circadian science for health practitioners (30 credits)

This distance-taught, single-semester course provides an examination of sleep and circadian science in relation to health and healthcare. In particular, there is consideration of the internal structure of sleep and the role of the circadian timekeeping system in regulating sleep, as well as mechanisms and consequences of common sleep disorders. Additionally, there is exploration of the health and safety consequences of disturbed or restricted sleep for healthcare providers and patients.

252.702: Sleep, fatigue risk management and occupational safety and health (30 credits)

This distance-taught, single-semester course considers the application of sleep and circadian science in fatigue risk management, shift work, and occupational health and safety. It provides an overview of the organisational processes required to implement a fatigue risk management system, as well as regulatory requirements for management of fatigue and shift work in occupational safety and health.


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