Greg Fallow

Honorary Fellow

Greg Fallow is a retired Air New Zealand B777 captain with over 47 years aviation experience in the military (RNZAF) and airline environments. During his career Greg has worked extensively at the operational level in the international airline environment. This involvement led to his interest in new approaches to fatigue risk management which resulted in his New Zealand Air Line Pilots' Association (NZALPA) representation on Air New Zealand’s Fatigue Risk Management Working Group soon after its inception in the mid-1990’s until his retirement from airline flying in 2014. This group pioneered the airline’s world-leading approach to fatigue risk management and enabled Greg to work with academic researchers and contribute to the development of fatigue risk management in the airline environment in New Zealand as well as international forums.
As a member of the International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations (IFALPA) Human Performance Committee Greg’s fatigue management background led to his representing IFALPA on the Flight Safety Foundation Ultra-Long Range (ULR) Steering Committee that conducted workshops to obtain industry consensus on the best way forward for emerging ultra-long range operations. He subsequently represented IFALPA on two separate ICAO Task Forces in the tri-partite development of new approaches to fatigue risk management that culminated in the present ICAO Standards, Recommended Practices and guidance material for fatigue management.

Since his retirement, he has continued to serve on NZALPA’s Technical Committee and currently represents NZALPA on the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority Fatigue Risk Management Panel and Steering Group where he has provided leadership in studying and comparing various regulatory approaches to managing fatigue as part of the airline work stream.

As an Honorary Fellow of the Sleep Wake Research Centre at Massey Greg maintains an on-going interest in fatigue risk management research and development; he is currently working with a Massey Sleep Wake Research Centre PhD student who is conducting fatigue-related research in the airline environment.