Delta Air Lines Research


The Sleep/Wake Research Centre has worked with Delta Air Lines since 2008, with Philippa Gander acting as Delta’s scientific advisor on fatigue risk management. A feature of the collaboration has been the focus on developing best practice standards for studies that monitor the sleep and performance of pilots across trips (tours of duty). These include tri-partite collaboration (including the regulator, unions, and the airline), independent ethical review of all studies, and the use of a core set of standard measures that has enabled findings from different studies to be compared and data combined.



The collaboration has spanned a period of major innovation in fatigue risk management in airline operations and has helped position Delta as a recognised global leader in the new generation of data-driven fatigue risk management systems. It has also enabled the Sleep/Wake Research Centre to develop the largest-ever database of sleep and fatigue monitoring data from commercial airline pilots on long transmeridian flights, which has led to new scientific understanding of the physiological disruption that leads to fatigue-related impairment in the workplace. The reports listed below can be requested from the Sleep/Wake Research Centre, subject to permission from Delta Air Lines. Scientific publications can be accessed on line or requested from the Sleep/Wake Research Centre.

Phd Thesis: Dr Jennifer Zaslona (2017) In-Flight Sleep as a Pilot Fatigue Mitigation on Long Range and Ultra-Long Range Flights.



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