Welcome high school sleep study participants!


Here are the links to the questionnaires and sleep diaries.


Contact Lora if you have any questions via email l.wu@massey.ac.nz or ask your psychology teacher.




What to do:

  • Wear the actigraph every day for 2 weeks
    • Take it off for showers and swimming
    • Press the event marker button when you start and stop trying to sleep
  • Keep the sleep diary for 2 weeks (see overleaf)
    • Fill it in every day
    • If you prefer an online version it can be found here
  • Complete the online questionnaires here
    • You will need to enter your ID number.
  • Decide whether you want to participate in the saliva collection.


A copy of the sleep diary can be found here


For those who started sleep tracking on 27th February

The sleep diary PDF

The sleep dairy Excel


For interested participants

Thanks for your interest in the study. To take part you need to be age 16 or older. Currently, we are looking for students who start school after 9AM on a regular basis. If you want to learn more email Lora at l.wu@massey.ac.nz.


The next study start dates are:

Wednesday 27 Feb (to attend the lab session on Friday 15th March 6PM-1AM)

Friday 15 March (to attend the lab session on Friday 29th March 6PM-1AM)


The information sheet can be found here

The consent form can be found here