Links to further useful information

Other websites and resources that discuss sleep and circadian health during the COVID-19 pandemic


Sleep/Health Foundation Australia:


Monash University, Australia:


British Sleep Society, United Kingdom:


Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms


National Sleep Foundation (US)


US Healthline



Interesting media articles on sleep


Websites with information on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic


Ministry of Health New Zealand:


Health Promotion Agency:


Mental Health Foundation:


Websites for parents about child sleep


Healthy Kids (HPA)


NZ Ministry of Health

Young children’s sleep:

Children’s sleep:


Australian Sleep Health Foundation

Child sleep information:


Kidshealth (NZ)

Child sleep information:


Resources for parents and children about COVID-19 in general


Kidshealth (NZ)


Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne


Nano Girl videos

Coronavirus explained (for children)


Nano Girl and Moe video on COVID-19


Nano Girl – how does soap fight Coronavirus?


Nano Girl making soap (an activity for parents to do with children):

Resources on teen sleep


Ministry of Health (NZ)


Australian Sleep Health Foundation


Sleep Foundation (US)


Websites with information about babies