Other educational opportunities

The Sleep/Wake Research Centre has a long history of providing educational opportunities and workplace training on sleep and circadian science to a diverse range of organisations and industry groups.  We have provided education and training to:

  • safety-critical industries and organisations, including healthcare, emergency services and all modes of transportation, as well as manufacturing and business.
  • students learning about nursing, psychology, sport science and medical technology.
  • the general public.


We have expertise in delivering education and training on sleep and circadian science for different groups and organisations that is accessible, applicable, and tailored to their needs.

We are particularly passionate about sharing our knowledge of sleep and circadian science in a way that is understandable and practical, and which allows learners to apply that knowledge to their own situations.  We have provided education and training on topics such as:

  • understanding the role of sleep health and the circadian body clock in maintaining optimal physical and mental health and functioning.
  • understanding sleep health, why it’s important, and strategies to improve it.
  • the challenges of shift work, management of workplace fatigue, and the application of fatigue risk management systems.


We offer a range of delivery modes to cater for the needs of individual organisations and groups.  These include face-to-face, train-the-trainer and online learning.  We tailor our delivery to the needs of each group of learners and welcome opportunities to provide presentations, workshops, seminars, webinars, lectures and courses.

To discuss your educational needs, please contact Dr Karyn O'Keeffe by email or telephone +64 4 979 3260.